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Terms and Conditions (valid from 1 January 2020)

These terms and conditions apply to all products and services offered by Transcend Body & Mind GmbH.

Registration and payment
Payment of class/workshop fees is mandatory after verbal or written registration. Non-payment of the fee is not considered a cancellation of the registration.

Organisational aspects
For organisational reasons, Transcend Body & Mind GmbH reserves the right to postpone, combine or relocate classes/workshops or to change their location. Transcend Body & Mind GmbH also reserves the right to shorten a class/workshop. In this case, the corresponding portion of the class/workshop fee will be refunded. Transcend Body & Mind GmbH may substitute a trainer for all or part of the class/workshop if necessary.

Maximum/Minimum number of participants
In order to ensure the best possible conditions for the class/workshops, Transcend Body & Mind GmbH limits each class/workshop to a maximum and minimum number of participants. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis (subject to payment by the due date). If the number of registered participants is below the minimum number, the class/workshop will normally be cancelled and fees waived or refunded.

Exclusion from a class/workshop
Transcend Body & Mind GmbH reserves the right to exclude a participant from a class/workshop for justified reasons (e.g. insult, harassment, wilful damage to property etc.). If a participant is excluded from a class/workshop, no refund will be provided.

Cancellations & refunds
All registrations are binding. Depending on the time of cancellation, all or part of the fee may be refunded. Such a refund is subject to the following conditions.
Workshops: for cancellations up to three week before a workshop, the entire fee will be refunded minus an administration fee of CHF 50.00. For cancellations up to two weeks before a workshop, half the fee will be refunded minus an admistration fee of CHF 50.00. After that, no refund will be given.
Classes: for cancellations 24 hours before a class, no fee will be charged. For cancellations less than 24 hours before a class, the class will be charged, but can be recovered within the validity period of the subscription.
Subscriptions: requests for a refund of a subscription will be accepted if there are justified reasons (e.g. medical reasons). Subscriptions will only be refunded during their period of validity and only pro rata for the unused portion. In addition, an administration fee of CHF 50.00 will be deducted.

Liability and insurance
Transcend Body & Mind GmbH does not accept any liability for damages that occur during or in connection with organised classes or workshops. Participants are therefore personally responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance cover. The use of the facilities at the class and workshop venues is at the participant's own risk. Transcend Body & Mind GmbH cannot be held liable for theft or loss of property.

Data protection
In accordance with Swiss data protection regulations, Transcend Body & Mind GmbH will take the greatest possible care in processing the data that participants provide or that Transcend Body & Mind GmbH receives from participants for the purpose of registration, running the class/workshop or for any other reason, or the data that Transcend Body & Mind GmbH has previously received from participants.
When registering, participants agree that the above-mentioned data may be combined with additional data received by Transcend Body & Mind GmbH from third parties and used by Transcend Body & Mind GmbH for the purpose of carrying out personalised promotions.
Data will only be transferred outside Transcend Body & Mind to an external service provider in Switzerland or abroad if specified data protection requirements are agreed, if the transfer of the data is required by law or if the transfer of the data is necessary to protect and enforce the legitimate interests of Transcend Body & Mind GmbH.

Video/audio recordings
No video or audio recordings may be made at the class or workshop venues without the express consent of Transcend Body & Mind GmbH and the participants.

Changes to the programme and/or price
Transcend Body & Mind GmbH reserves the right to change the class/workshop programmes and/or prices as well as the general terms and conditions at any time.

Any and all dispures arising in connection with Transcend Body & Mind GmbH are subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Lucerne, Switzerland.

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